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Elemental Exotics is a husband and wife team of reptile lovers. We have been keeping reptiles for over 12 years. We keep and breed many species of reptiles, focusing mainly on snakes. All of our breeders are pets first.

We are currently breeding or hoping to breed: Corn snakes, African House snakes, Green Bush ratsnakes, Trans Pecos ratsnakes, Western Hognose, Tricolor Hognose, Rosy boas, Sand boas and Amazon Tree boas.

We can ship through FedEx Priority Overnight via SYR. Unless otherwise noted on the individual, all baby snakes for sale have eaten at least 3 times and are taking frozen thawed mice. Live eaters will be noted.

We also do hands on educational shows using our "ambassador" group of very calm and non-reactive pet and breeder snakes. We can be booked for various venues within a 50 mile radius of the Pocatello, Idaho area. Places further away may be possible with an additional travel fee to cover gas and travel time. Charity and non profit events can potentially be booked for free, please inquire.

There are several lengths of shows we offer, half hour, one hour and two hour shows. They all include meeting a few snakes, learning a bit about that snake in particular, it's species in general and some overall information about all snakes in general. Plus getting to ask questions, pet or hold the snakes and have pictures taken. Main difference is the number of snakes brought and the amount of time to be spent on each segment. If interested in booking, please contact us for pricing and customizations.

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